VISUAL Quality

Infor Global Solutions (Shareware)

VISUAL Quality, designed by Infor Global Solutions, is a function-rich program that is intended to provide manufacturers with a quality assurance tool. This solution has an enterprise-wide scope. This tool can handle specific areas of business operations and perform functions such as managing, tracking, and establishing quality systems criteria in fulfillment of industry regulations and legal requirements.

VISUAL Quality by Infor Global Solutions is a utility that can be used by manufacturers in showing real-time data representing costs, revenues, and levels of customer satisfaction. The main benefit of using this program to any business is the creation of manufacturing specifications which need to be followed in order to produce specific products and processes.

In addition, VISUAL Quality facilitates team collaboration as well as interactions with customer and vendors alike. Its coverage includes:
• Engineering
• Workflow
• Product Management
• Supply Chain Management

Infor Global Solutions VISUAL Quality by is a stand-alone application that may also be utilized as an integrated solution that assists managers in functions such as quality assurance, productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

VISUAL Quality has unparalleled versatility. Its practical applications include automation of design as well as production, pre-production and post-production procedures. It is also designed to collect and analyze system data and manage business performance.