Visual LightBox 5.7 (Freeware)

Visual LightBox is a tool that enables users to create popup Web photo galleries with a lightbox overlay. A lightbox overlay is a visual feature that fades the page in the background whenever a new content such as an image or a slideshow is selected. The image “pops up” into the foreground. This effect is useful for showing images and slideshows straight from the page but without the background clutter. Using this application is simple, and popup images may easily be created by dragging and dropping photos into the Visual LightBox window. Once all of the photos are selected, users can simply slick the Publish button and the application will automatically generate a slideshow of the images.

The main features of Visual LightBox are as follows:

• Easy to use - prior knowledge of scripts and codes such as JavaScript and HTML is not required
• Support for multiple browsers – this utility works on all browsers
• Support for mobile devices – this application produces slideshows optimized for iOS and Android devices
• Theme collection – users can select from a variety of Lightbox themes and templates to use, such as Prime Time, Modern, and Vista Aero
• Responsive – the created photo galleries can adapt to any browser resolution and device screen size

Visual LightBox also has support for various online image applications, such as Picasa, Flickr, and Photobucket.