VISUAL Enterprise

Infor Global Solutions (Proprietary)

VISUAL Enterprise is a software solution for businesses – specifically those in the manufacturing industry. It includes Enterprise Resource Planning, Manufacturing Execution System, and Advanced Planning and Scheduling, to name a few. It is intended for distributors and manufacturers. It offers services that are used in assisting production strategies, diverse product configurations, and manage complex storage.

Some of the major features of VISUAL Enterprise include:

• Quality control features designed to minimize costly customer return and rework
• Built-in business intelligence features that help users make decisions by providing customer service representatives with tools to handle customer change requests. Additionally, the program can provide notifications whether a customer order is profitable or not.
• Maintenance features that can reduce downtime and improve equipment maintenance programs
• One feature provides an overview of a business operation, where users can adjust customer changes and new favorable circumstances when needed. Users can specify “what if” scenarios that can help prevent problems.
• Business analytics and advanced report features that can increase the accuracy of quotes and estimates for more precise quotes. In addition to boosting the efficiency of calculations and business forecasts, this can also stabilize relationships with current clientele and help convert new ones.