Visual CertExam Suite 3.0.1

Visual CertExam Software (Shareware)

Visual CertExam Suite is an application designed for taking mock examinations. The program allows users to create test questions and answer them. The suite consists of two types of programs – Visual CertExam Designer and Visual CertExam Manager. The Visual CertExam Designer is an application for creating professional looking practice examinations, while the Visual CertExam Manager arranges the exam for the test taker.

The designer application allows users to create questions and provide a list of choices to the exam taker. An explanation can also be provided for the right answer. There can be one or more correct answers from the list. The exam window shows one question at a time. A calculator button is also provided within the test window to aid test takers on questions that need computations. The test can be paused and saved anytime. Tests can also be timed and the remaining time is shown at the top right portion of the window.

After taking the mock exam, test takers are presented with an Examination Score Report. The report shows how long the test was taken, the percentage of correct answer for each section, and a bar graph showing the required score and the user’s score. Other features of the program are:

• Exam editor with preview function
• Customizable examinations
• Variety of question types
• Realistic examination simulation
• One whole exam in a single file