Visual Boy Advance emulator 1.7.2

None (Freeware)

Visual Boy Advance is a console emulator program for GameBoy, GameBoy Advance and Game Boy Color. This emulator is compatible with GameBoy Color, GameBoy and GameBoy Advanced ROMs. It features GameBoy Printer emulation support, which is used for printing GameBoy images from compatible games. The program also offers graphic filters for enhancing the display. Available filters include Super Eagle, Motion Blur, Super 2xSaI, 2xSaI and Pixelate. It also features the same color palette and border found in Super Game Boy and Super Game Boy 2. There’s also a full-screen support and screen capture capabilities (audio/video recording). Its screen capture function can be access through a configured key or the menu.

Visual Boy Advance can save a state of a game at any point. Aside from this, it also has an import/export function of saved games from/to other emulators. Saved games using other emulators can be played using this program and vice versa. The program offers joystick support. It also features hacking and debugging capabilities such as GameGenie, CodeBreakerAdvance and GameBoy GamesharkAdvance support. Support for these tools includes loggers, editor and viewers. Codes and Game Saves from these tools can also be imported to the program.

Other features offered by Visual Boy Advance include the following:

• Translation enabled
• Auto-fire support
• Real-time IPS patching
• Import/export battery files from/to other emulators
• GUI skinning support

Development of VisualBoyAdvance has been discontinued.