Visual Basic

Microsoft Corporation (Shareware)

Visual Basic or VB is a programming language that was first released in 1991. This is used by programmers to create all sorts of applications. The Visual Basic program’s design is geared towards beginner programmers. It allows programmers to make simple GUI (Graphic User Interface) applications, as well as more complicated ones. To create applications, programmers arrange components and specify attributes for them. Adding codes to the application will increase its functionality.

One of the features of the programming language is its drag and drop functionality. This function can be used by programmers to place controls and set functions on the form. Code can also be added to add more functions to the buttons. Some features that differentiate the Visual Basic programming language from C-derived languages include the following:

• Unified logical and bitwise operators
• Strong integration with Windows operating system
• Variable array base
• Banker’s rounding rule when using Round function
• No multiple variable assignments

Aside from creating programs, the Visual Basic programming language can also be used for running programs and web pages. It consists of VBA or Visual Basic for Applications for running Microsoft applications. For running web pages, it uses the VB Script, which allows the programming language to be used on Internet programming.