Visual Analyser 2.4

Sillanum Software (Freeware)

Sillanum Software’s Visual Analyzer is a compact application used in generating real-time sound analysis of the output generated by a third-party recording source connected to a computer device. It provides a large set of instruments that allow users to extensively test the output produced by an external recording device. It combines three different technologies into one. These technologies are an oscilloscope, a wave form generator, and a spectrum analyzer. Visual Analyzer is a comprehensive real-time analyzer that does not necessarily require additional external hardware since it mainly uses the computer system’s built-in sound card. The lightweight program provides comprehensive features while taking up relatively little space and system resources.

Visual Analyzer also measures the impedance of a device’s generated output at various frequencies. The measured aspects of sound include Capacitance, Inductance, Resistance, Q-factor, and Real and Imaginary Part. Aside from the standard built-in sound card, the application also requires a circuit composed of two operational amplifiers. It comes with a wave-form generator that has custom functions to ensure smooth transitioning between detected waves. The program has a memo windows feature used in analyzing and storing time series, sound spectrum, and phase events. Other features include Spectrum Analysis, Cross Correlation, Unlimited Frequency Sampling, Extended THD, and ZRLC-Meter with Vector Scope.