Vistumbler 10.5

Andrew Calcutt (Open Source)

Vistumbler is an application for scanning all available wireless networks. Detailed account of wireless networks include encryption type, signal strength, network channel used, manufacturer, and wireless network name. The application also includes GPS support.

The application is able to detect and locate Wireless access points. Wireless information is obtained using a specific Vista command which is “netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid”. Different access points via Vistumbler such as Netstumbler TXT/Text NS1 or TXT/VS1/VSZ may be exported or imported.  Access points of GPS locations may all be exported into a kml file from Google Earth.  An Auto Kml function extemporaneously presents Google Earth access points, which in turn provides users with real-time tracking of Google Earth. Signal strength is provided by the application through MIDI, Sound API from Windows, and sound files. CSV export, which has been filtered and a git repository have been added as new application features. Every network’s traffic is also provided through a graph. Information from application’s website advises that every access point be disconnected prior to network scanning. The appropriate network adapter must also be chosen in program Interface menu to be able to locate access points. A WLAN adapter is imperative to be able to use the application.