Manuel Hoefs (alias Zottel) (Freeware)

VistaMizer is a program that tweaks the appearance of Windows XP computers for it to look like the appearance of Windows Vista. The application can be installed in two ways -- as an application or as a patch. If the program is installed as a regular program, it can be uninstalled easily. If it is installed as a patch, the program installs over the Windows installation and the changes cannot be undone unless the operating system is re-installed in the computer. The computer must be rebooted in order for the changes to take effect. Before making any changes to the system, the application allows the user to create a restore point, which can be used in case something goes wrong when the changes are made.

Although VistaMizer changes the appearance to Windows Vista, the program does not offer users the chance to change the Vista functions. The program is easy to use and even novice computer users will be able to take advantage of the application’s features.

Other features of the application are the following:
• Multilanguage interface
• Enables users to choose the files to be modified
• Create backups of old system files
• Rebuild original system files without uninstalling
• Check files for compatibility