VistaBootPRO 3.3.0

PROnetworks (Freeware)

VistaBootPRO is a utility program developed by PROnetworks to allow users to manage and customize their computer’s registry and boot configuration data. This program is designed to work for Windows Vista. VistaBootPRO contains features used in modifying the appearance of the computer’s boot menu, registry configuration menu, as well as the names of operating systems listed under the boot menu. Aside from these, VistaBootPRO is also capable of creating a backup of the user’s operating system registry files. This backup can be applied on the Windows Registry in case the operating system experiences a serious error. In addition to registry files, VistaBootPRO can also backup and export boot loader configurations. Users may also edit multiple details for each configuration entry and perform debugging tasks using the program itself or by running the configuration data in a Kernel desktop. VistaBootPRO is capable of executing these tasks without affecting the computer’s overall performance.

VistaBootPRO features an intuitive user interface that has two main parts. The first part shows buttons for tasks that can be performed by the program. These buttons include View Settings, Manage OS Entries, Advanced Settings, Backup/Restore Center, System Bootloader, and Online Support. The next part displays the configuration options available for each task button. This section contains a set of tick boxes, drop down lists, and other options used in configuring a particular program task.