Vista / XP Tweaker

AnVir Software (Freeware)

Vista/XP Tweaker is a utility program that enables users to manage their computer processes. This program provides a summary of controls that let users to directly access their Windows settings, allowing easy configuration of their operating system in a single program. As the name suggests, this program is designed to support the XP and Vista editions of Microsoft Windows operating system.

Vista/XP Tweaker provides full information about the computer’s processes such as the active running programs, Internet connections, hardware drivers, and DLLs (Dynamic Link Library). The program also displays up to 70,000 descriptions for startup programs, as well as add-on toolbars and services for the user’s browser. This allows the user to uninstall unwanted or outdated programs. In addition, Vista/XP Tweaker provides security analysis that can detect malicious programs such as viruses, spyware, and Trojans. The program is able to notify the user of the presence of such programs and can quarantine and delete them. Vista/XP Tweaker is compatible with all popular anti-virus programs and can check files with up to 30 anti-virus engines.

Vista/XP Tweaker has added features that allow the user to speed up boot time, balance CPU usage, and optimize memory by disk defragmenting and cleanup tools. In addition, users can monitor the hard drive’s memory, temperature, and laptop battery. The program also displays available networks and shows icons in the system tray.