Vista Rainbar 4.6

Gavatx (Freeware)

Vista Rainbar is an add-on pack to the desktop customization tool Rainmeter. It is developed and released by Gavatx in December 2009. Rainmeter enables users to add customizable skins to the Windows Vista desktop. Skins may range from functional ones like battery meters, memory meter, and weather forecasts, among others. The Vista Rainbar improves on this program by adding a customizable sidebar.

The Vista Rainbar enables users to keep commonly-used gadgets within easy reach. Gadgets may include RSS readers, calendars, photo frames, and weather forecasts. It can even feature to-do-lists and note taking gadgets. Users may even add shortcuts for their commonly-used applications like word processing software, music players, and other programs. Users may even add icons for their favorite games on the Vista Rainbar.

The Vista Rainbar features an App launcher, which allows users to add the apps that they need access to. It also features system utility gadgets like a battery meter, memory meter, and CPU meter. It also features a Multi-Meter that compiles all these meters in just one gadget. This program has an email gadget like Yahoo! Mail or Gmail. It also features Network management gadgets that enable users to monitor their network connections and usage. This program enables users to customize the background color or image for the Vista Rainbar as well as set the opacity.