Vista Drive Icon 1.5

artArmin (Freeware)

Vista Drive Icon is a customization tool developed by artArmin and released in April 2008. Using Vista Drive Icon, users can customize the appearance or drive icons of the system drives they have on their computers. This drive customization software is especially developed to customize Windows XP drive icons. It is called Vista Drive Icon as it changes the XP drive icons into the Vista drive icon appearance.

Vista Drive Icon replaces the customary Windows XP drive icons with new ones with additional functionality. With Vista Drive Icon installed and running, the drive icons will show a status bar below each icon. This status bar shows the storage capacity and status of the drive. The status bar fills up with a blue color to show the current storage status. The blue changes into red when the storage capacity of the drive is full up to 90% of its capacity. Users can also set the program to show the status bar in red up to a definite percentage other than the default. The available space is shown as a white space on the status bar.

To initialize the Vista Drive Icon program, download and click the executable file. It is best to create a restore point before making any changes to the system. Nonetheless, this program changes the drive icon appearance without making any vital changes to the system configuration.