VisiPics is a program used for scanning duplicate images on a computer. It also runs through checksums to check for similar images. The program works by cataloging the images on the selected folders then applying four different picture comparison filters. This allows the program to measure how similar the images are on the hard drive. The program can detect the same images saved in various formats, same pictures with different resolutions as well as pictures with minor cosmetic differences.

All the duplicate images detected by Visipics are displayed side by side on the program’s interface. Significant details about the images are also displayed including file type, file name and file size. The application also has an Auto-select Mode. This feature allows users to decide what image to retain, whether it is the higher resolution image, smaller file size, space-saving pictures, or all of them. An option to save the images manually is also available. The application will automatically show the duplicated images while it is scanning. This allows you to take action as soon as you want to.

VisiPics utilizes Multi-processors and Hyperthreading systems. Image file formats supported by VisiPics include GIF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, PCX, TGA, TIFF and Raw image files.