VisionTools Pro-e

Crestron Electronics, Inc (Proprietary)

VisionTools Pro-e is a comprehensive designing tool for display and interface programming of many devices. It does not require special coding to generate advanced touch-panel interface patterns. However, it only works with devices that are integrated with the main program server, the Creston control network. VisonTools Pro-e houses various design options for more sophisticated and complex outputs. It has a design tool for making pop-up subpages to enhance the functionality of an XPanel user interface. Multi-mode buttons and simultaneous display options are also supported. Moreover, the software has the capacity to incorporate sliders that come in customizable color and 3D effect styles into the interface.

VisionTools Pro-e has downloadable templates, themes, and icons aside from the ones that come preinstalled in the setup program. The templates are highly flexible; hence, users can edit or add other design elements such as texts, videos, sound, icons, and custom-made graphics. Themes can be switched through its VT Pro-e Theme Library menu. Users can even come up with their custom themes using third-party design elements and schemes. Finally, once the interface has been published, users can easily install them as executable files for personal computers, tablets, PDAs, browsers, and similar devices. The outputs are convertible to certain formats that work with any of the aforementioned devices.