KEIL (Proprietary)

µVision4 is a Windows-based software development program developed by KEIL and released on April 2010. It features a source code editor and a Project Manager for project creation and maintenance. This program also features a Make Utility function which allows users to assemble and link embedded applications. It also features a device database which allows users to make development tool configurations. µVision4 also features an assembler-level Debugger mode and peripheral Simulator. It also features a Flash programming utility.

µVision4 has two main development modes—Build Mode and Debug Mode. Build mode allows users to create software applications. Debug mode allows users to test out and debug created applications. This is possible through the µVision4 Simulator or through direct debugging on hardware. This program also features a System Viewer which shows property values and allows users to make modifications. Logic Analyzer offers time graph property changes and allows users to analyze dependence and correlation changes. This program also features a Source Browser and a Configuration Wizard. It also offers a Multi-Project Manager.

KEIL’s µVision4 also features a Flexible Windows Management system that enables users to manage multiple windows on the visual surface through a drag and drop functionality. It offers Multiple Monitor support as well as Multi-project Workspace support. Aside from System Viewer, µVision4 also features a Debug Restore View that offers multiple debug window configurations.