Visio Standard

Visio Corporation (Shareware)

Visio Standard is a diagramming tool that features a wide array of built-in stencils. The scope ranges from engineering diagrams to organization charts and business diagrams. This application provides users with tools for creating diagrams that are easy to understand. The output is high quality and professional-looking. Additionally, this application can create anything from basic flow charts to multi-purpose diagrams that contain additional layers.

The interface is user-friendly so that those in need of a diagramming platform can maximize the multiple features of this advanced application. Customization is possible with just one or two clicks and a recently upgraded wizard. Commenting functions are also available for giving of feedback. This application features a number of useful themes. There are also effects that may be employed to stress a certain area of the diagram. This application features a built-in search tool to facilitate ease of use. Controls allow for quick addition and removal of shapes and viewing options are present, such as zoom. A preview feature gives the user an overall impression of the finished product before it gets printed out.

Visio Standard is a tool that is capable of creating, editing, and reviewing diagrams. It is compatible with touch devices that run on Windows 8.