Visafone Internet Notifier 1.0

UCI LTD (Freeware)

Visafone Internet Notifier is a service that is provided to Visafone Internet subscribers. It gives users instant updates on their subscription status and their service plants. In addition, it gives subscribers important information and updates about the products and services provided by Visafone. Another feature of this notification tool is its ability to provide users with access to weather reports and live scores of various sport tournaments and games.

When installed, the program adds an icon to the computer’s taskbar. To activate it, users can right click the icon from the task bar and then click on “My Number” to input their modem number in the program. This is a necessary step to identify the subscriber. The program will then show a window with a box for the modem or phone number. After typing in the number, users can then click on the button marked “OK”. The subscriber information is then saved and communicated to Visafone.

To view the current subscription status, users can right click on the notifier icon and then click “Status”. Visafone Internet Notifier will then display it in a chat bubble. The information shows the subscriber’s modem or phone number, the subscription plan, the date and time when the Internet service will expire, and the remaining volume for Internet use.