VirusTotal Uploader 2.0 (Freeware)

VirusTotal Uploader is a desktop program used for uploading files that will be scanned on VirusTotal, an online site that offers free file checking for possible viruses. There are several ways to use this program. Users can simply right-click the file to be uploaded and choose VirusTotal option found in the “Send To” menu. The program can also run the standalone program itself and choose the button for the Select File(s) and Upload. Accessing the program using the command-line is also possible.

Aside from uploading files to the VirusTotal website, the program also offers a feature called Upload Process Executable. This button provides a way for determining an active malware. Active malwares are those that remain running as regular processes. If this feature is clicked, the program will search for these active malwares, read them and send it also to the VirusTotal website. This utility is also capable of getting and scanning an online file without downloading it. Just simply type the URL and then click the Get and Upload button. Another way to do this is to right click the file, select the Copy Link Location then cut and paste it. This feature will skip through the pc’s memory and by default, will not save it in the hard drive. A result page will be displayed and the user can decide whether to download it or not.

The application can also be set to download files to a temporary folder then later on remove/store them via the Options button.