VirtuaWin (Freeware)

VirtuaWin is a virtual desktop manager that enables users to organize their computer applications over several virtual desktops. A virtual desktop is an extension of a computer’s desktop that is generated by another program. This allows users to run another desktop that can also be sued to run programs similar to the computer’s original desktop. A virtual desktop is used to compensate for a limited desktop area and is also used to reduce desktop clutter from running too many programs or opening lots of windows.

VirtuaWin runs in the background and can be accessed by the user in the desktop’s system tray. By clicking on the VirtuaWin tray icon, users may access the windows on another virtual desktop. This program also has features that allow users to set a “sticky window” or a window that is always present on each of the virtual desktops. VirtuaWin is capable of generating between 2 to 9 virtual desktops that can be configured for direct access using keyboard shortcuts. This program also supports virtual desktop switching using a mouse. This can be accomplished by moving the mouse to the edge of a desktop. In addition to these, VirtuaWin has features that enable users to configure the layout of virtual desktops and save the running desktop programs that can be restored upon the operating system’s startup.