Sega (Shareware)

VIRTUA_TENNIS_PC is an arcade game from Sega-AM3. This tennis game is intended for fans and enthusiasts who want to improve their play both in virtual environments and real-world courts. Virtua Tennis requires skill in hitting the ball with the right angle as well as the proper speed and spin depending on the intended shot.

VIRTUA_TENNIS_PC allows players to control the power and trajectory of the shot. Players are given ample opportunities to play with various games in the arcade more plus more options in the campaign mode. Different versions of the game have been created to cater to various gaming hardware. After the first Virtua Tennis game that was released in 1999, Virtua Tennis 2 was released in 2002. Other versions that were created in subsequent years are Virtua Tennis: World Tour, Virtua Tennis 3, and Virtua Tennis 4. Today, Virtua Tennis games can be played not only on personal computers but also with PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and Xbox 360.

VIRTUA_TENNIS_PC has a PlayStation version that features advanced motion sensors. This feature allows players to make accurate shots with the tennis racquet. This version employs high-tech motion sensors, which track both fast and subtle movements, and offers a realistic experience to players close to being on an actual tennis tournament.