VirtuallTek nLite Add-On Maker

VirtuallTek Systems (Shareware)

VirtuallTek nLite Add-On Maker has one primary function. This tool is a means for adding programs to Windows quickly and efficiently. All the programs that have been added to nLite will automatically be installed once the Windows OS installation is completed. VirtuallTek nLite Add-On Maker is a utility that people who frequently install programs will find easy to use. The basic features of VirtuallTek nLite Add-On Maker are the following:
• File compression within the installer program
• Creation of self-executable SFX plus 7-Zip
• Creation of a lower-sized CAB file for better utilization of SFX options
Here are a few words about nLite functionality. This particular tool allows the user to create a customized CD. It is also capable of modifying the contents of the Windows CD such as adding device drivers and integration of service packs.
VirtuallTek nLite Add-On Maker is very easy to use. Adding programs to the installation only takes a few clicks. After selecting the folder that contains the installation files, the user will see this instruction: “Select Directory window.” On this window, the user can browse for directory names and choose the relevant location of the programs to be added to the Windows installation. The “OK” button seals the selection. Afterward, compression levels need to be selected as well as executable commands. The output is saved as Microsoft Cabinet (.cab) type.