VirtuallTek Fighter Factory Ultimate

VirtuallTek Systems (Freeware)

VirtuallTek Fighter Factory Ultimate is a program used for editing characters for WinMugen, or MUGEN, a game engine. WinMugen has only one character by default; with this program, users can create new characters. Users can also edit up to 12 characters in a single window. WinMugen is a prerequisite program; the editor’s installer will ask the user to identify where WinMugen is located in the system. Users can then create characters from scratch, modify those already created, and download characters from the Internet.

This character editor has a simple and intuitive interface that enables users to create and edit MUGEN characters with ease. This application comes with advanced editing options, including the following:

• Settings – where characters can be configured. Users can reduce the file size of the characters made.
• Animations – users can design characters and see animation effects in real-time, such as transparencies and inversions. The character animations can be exported to GIF format.
• Commands – users can easily navigate the command options using a drop-down menu accessed by clicking the right mouse button.
• Sounds – users can associate sounds with their characters. Audio files are contained in the sound organizer.
• Sprite editor – this feature allows users to identify the shortcut keys they would like to use. There is also an option for optimizing characters for DOS.