VirtualDub Portable 1.9.11 (Freeware)

VirtualDub Portable is a utility application that enables users to capture and process video files. This application is used to transcode video codecs and is capable of importing various video file formats such as AVI, DivX, and MPG, as well as image files like GIF, PNG, and JPG. Users can view videos using the program’s two display panels. The right pane is used in making changes in the video while the left pane displays the changes made in the video file. VirtualDub Portable also contains various tools such as position slider, timestamp display, playback, frame step, keyframe, scene step, mark-in, and mark-out controls. In addition to these, this application provides tools that allow users to apply various filters, such as brightness, contrast, format conversion, blur, flip, chrome smoother, inversion, resize window, levels, and warp sharp. Users can also edit the video frame rate, color depth, video compression, set the range of videos to process, enable smart video rendering, and preserve empty video frames.

VirtualDub Portable features a simple user interface that contains two main parts. First part is the display panes where users can edit the video and preview the resulting changes. This section also has a built-in seek bar that allows users to skip to various parts of the video. The next section is the toolbar located on the bottom portion of the program window. This section contains buttons that execute actions in the program.