Avery Lee (Freeware)

VirtualDub is a video processing and video capturing application developed by Avery Lee. The program is created for processing linear video streams, which includes recompression and filtering. It works on AVI files, given that the right audio/video codecs are installed. It also features both analog and digital capture abilities and has support for both Video for Windows and DirectShow capture. The program’s capture features include audio VU meters, preview/overlay modes, video noise reduction capture to any AVI variant, auto stop settings, choosing alternate drive/s, and histogram. The application offers supports for DV capture from the Type FireWire controllers. Users can also create video file from a series of targas or bitmaps.

VirtualDub offers editing tools. It has tools for deleting video file segments, reordering existing video segments, and/or appending new segments. However, this application cannot be used for mixing segments from different video files. Transition effects can also not be applied. The program offers a variety of filters. It has a filter for converting video to grayscale and reducing the size of the video by half. Available filter plug-ins can extend the functionalities of the program. Aside from this, users can save the whole image sequences to hard disk as TGA or BMP formats. Extracting and modifying audio from video files is also possible.