VirtualDrive Pro 15.01

FarStone Technology Inc. (Shareware)

VirtualDrive Pro is a disk emulator and authoring software developed by FarStone Technology. The program supports a variety of functions. The programs reads different disc formats, such as CD, DVD, and Blu-ray. The program can convert a CD or a DVD into a virtual file. The program can burn, record and clone files from Blu-ray discs. The program can also provide disc backup with high-quality virtual CDs. The virtual discs can be played in 23 emulated virtual drives. The program can also run games and applications. It can run to a full speed of 200x.

The program also supports authoring of virtual CDs. The application allows the creation of custom covers of virtual CDs.  The user also has the capacity to create an archive of virtual CDs. The program provides a searchable library. In addition, the user can also create a custom virtual CD. The virtual CD can be used to store applications, games, and other types of documents.

Other features in the VirtualDrive Pro include:
• Support for touch screen capacity. The program has enlarged icons at UI. This allows the use of the program in touch screen devices.
• Real time subscriptions. The user can receive live updates on the latest products, features, and supports.