VirtualDJ 8.1.2586

Atomix Productions (Shareware)

VirtualDJ (VDJ) is a digital DJ application developed by Atomix Productions. This program offers different media (audio and video) mixing tools for club and mobile DJs usages. It was the successor of the AtomixMP3 program and it was initially released in July 2003. The program is available in five versions – VirtualDJ Broadcaster, VirtualDJ Limited Editions, VirtualDJ Home Edition, VirtualDJ Pro Basic and VirtualDJ Pro Full.

The VirtualDJ program has Vinyl Emulation feature. This feature allows physical manipulations of digital audio playback using the virtual turntables as the interface. The Vinyl Emulation functionality offers scratching, beatmatching and other turntablism functions. The program also features a NetSearch, which provides access to audio/video files from Internet content providers. The media files are streamed straight from the program’s decks.

This virtual DJ application offers a MusicGroups feature. This feature gathers track histories, which will be published on the program’s official website. The MusicGroups page has a track history, saved track lists, top 20 played tracks and mini-blog. Commenting and subscribing to other MusicGroups is also possible. Another feature of this program is called the Broadcast feature, which is used to broadcast audio/video mixes online. It offers two broadcasting methods – through radioserver or through a webradio running Icecast/Shoutcast servers.

Multi-Deck is also available in the VirtualDJ program. This feature provides up to 99 decks to users. The program also supports multiple input channels that can be connected to any deck. Configuration options to manage input stream are also available such as beat-matching, applying effects, synchronization and more. The program also provides a way to keep the music library updated with its GeniusDJ feature. A Data Management tool is also available in this program allowing batch renaming of files, nest virtual folders and more.