VirtualBox Headless Tray 4.2

Topten Software (Open Source)

VirtualBox Headless Tray is an open-source utility developed by TopTen software. The main function of this application is to allow users to run the VirtualBox virtual machine using the system tray. This application is ideal for software testers as well as skilled users who handle multiple operating systems at the same time. In order for this update application to run, the computer must have the VirtualBox 3.2 application installed. The VirtualBox 3.2 application allows users to run as many operating systems at the same time. The number of running Oss is limited only by the overall disk space. This is effective in temporarily using multiple platforms to run specific software designed for a particular platform.

Virtual Box Headless Tray’s key feature is that it allows users to choose a specific view when running the VirtualBox virtual machine via the system tray. It can be run in full-screen, from a remote desktop, or from the original VirtualBox Graphical User Interface.  It can also save the state of a running virtual machine and reset it to its default state. This application provides quick access and control over the usage of the VirtualBox program.

The application automatically saves the state of a running virtual machine when Windows is shutdown without closing the application. It will restart the virtual machine using its most recent state upon the restart of Windows.