Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children

Last Day of Work (Shareware)

Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children is a real-time simulation game developed and published by the company, Last Day of Work. The sequel to the original game, A New Home, this version features a new beach environment to explore, sixteen new secrets to unearth, as well as new technologies to discover and utilize. It still takes place in the magical island of Isola, in which a pair of villagers from the first game gained access to a path that was hidden in a dark cavern. This path leads them to a beach filled with hungry and unkempt children who are struggling to survive on their own.

The player controls the various characters in the village as they enhance their respective abilities, accomplish missions, and eventually uncover the island’s secrets. Each villager must be trained consistently by placing them in specific areas until they gain enough experience to become experts at their designated fields. At the same time, the player must keep them happy, healthy, and happy. Villagers get to explore the island by dragging and dropping them to different corners, caves, and bodies of water. The game offers various fields of expertise including farming, healing, engineering, parenting, and research among others.