Virtual Villagers

Last Day of Work (Shareware)

Virtual Villagers is a series of lime simulation games developed by a company called Last Day of Work. The first game was released in July of 2006 and was entitled, “Virtual Villagers: A New Home”. The plot revolves around a small group of people who is separated from the rest of their tribe and comes across a beautiful island called Isola. The object of the game is to solve several of the island’s mysteries by performing various tasks that will improve the civilization.

This game runs in real time, so the characters continue going about their chores even when the game is not on. However, players can pause the real-time functionality. Members of the tribe are assigned different competencies and tasks in the hopes of creating an efficient social and political community. The player must keep track of each and everyone’s responsibilities so that the tribe will survive and prosper.

Apart from foraging for food and planting crops, the villagers also have to earn technology points. With these points, players can upgrade various types of technology like farming and medicine. To increase the population, the villagers must breed amongst each other, although not all mating attempts are successful. Virtual Villagers has a total of six chapters that each features a unique story and set of goals: Virtual Villagers: A New Home, Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children, Virtual Villagers: Secret City, Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life, Virtual Villagers: New Believers, and a mobile version entitled Virtual Villagers: Origins.