Virtual Serial Port Driver 7.1.289

ELTIMA Software (Shareware)

Virtual Serial Port Driver is a serial port emulator developed by ELTIMA and released on October 2011. This program enables users to create virtual serial ports. These serial ports are then paired through a virtual null modem cable. Through this connection, applications on both ends can execute data exchange that will mirror each other—everything the first port writes is mirrored on the second port, and vice versa. Virtual serial ports emulate the real ones perfectly, behaving the very same way as the original. This program makes it possible to create an unlimited number of virtual port pairs. This helps the user in avoiding a shortage of serial ports without adding additional hardware.

Virtual Serial Port Driver features faster real null-modem cable connections which can only be affected by the system’s processor speed, with an average transfer speed of 5.5mb/sec. By supplying virtual serial ports, this program frees up real ports. Users may not even have real ports and still create serial ports. This program also features full Handflow control support. It also features strict baud rate emulation. It also features emulation of virtual serial line connection. Users may also customize the virtual serial port name.  This program also automatically recreates ports after system reboot. This program also enables users to view the current status of a virtual serial port, as well as the current received and sent data in mb.