Virtual Sailor Demo

Ilan Papini (Freeware)

Virtual Sailor is a naval simulator program that offers realistic water (above and below the sea) and ship (motorboat and sailboat) dynamics. With this program, users will get to experience maritime navigation. Users can adjust the weather and sea conditions, and set whether they would like to sail by day or at night. This program makes use of real topographic data to render land masses and the sea, giving the sceneries a photorealistic appearance. Users will also be able to see diverse marine life.

This application provides users with a fully interactive three-dimensional instrument panel for their boats, adding to the realistic feel. Virtual Sailor user friendly and lets users create and configure boats and sceneries by importing data from various Internet sources. Users can also add third-party functionality through add-ons created by other users.

The main screen contains the status line and the tool tips. The status line displays the information about the user’s position, speed, heading, time of day (according to the game), and the frames per second as rendered in the game. The tool tips section displays information about the user’s current boat. The sailing and navigation tools included with this program are telescope, compass, panel, sextant, map, GPS, radar, echo sound, and ballast. Sailboat racing can also be undertaken with this program either on a solo or multiplayer mode via Internet connection.