Virtual RC Racing

Virtual Racing Industries b.v. (Shareware)

Virtual RC Racing is a simulator application developed by Virtual Racing Industries. The program features several functionalities that can be found in most simulation software. However, the application focuses solely on land-based vehicles that resemble remote-controlled (RC) cars.

Aside from the base simulation program, Virtual RC Racing also serves as an avenue for players to compete against one another in online tournaments as well as interact with each other in an integrated community forum that can be accessed from within the program. Various customizations are put in place within the game, which are aimed at providing players with race sessions that are unlikely to be duplicated in future races. These variables include over 50 off-road and on-road race tracks, as well as 400 components installed on every vehicular chassis.

Other options are available to players who wish to further customize the gaming experience. These include the following:
• The option to choose from nitro-powered or electric engines.
• A gaming physics engine that closely mimics that of real-world physics
• Players can choose to take part in race levels that are consistent and right with their skill level.
• Multiplayer races where players can compete with online racers regardless of their physical location
• Access to races whether a player is connected to the Internet or not.