Virtual Plastic Surgery Software - VPSS 1.0

Kaeria SARL (Shareware)

Virtual Plastic Surgery Software (VPSS) is a simple photo manipulation/editing software tool that was released in 2009. The software lets users modify, simulate and create results of plastic surgery on photos of anyone’s face or body. These include editing on body shape, nose, buttocks, chest, or face alteration.

Virtual Plastic Surgery Software (VPSS) is developed for custom and convenient virtual plastic surgery simulation. This software is perfect for plastic surgeons and their clients in discussing the possible results of aesthetic surgeries. Different tools depending on different aesthetic modifications are included in the software. Users can use the stretch, grow, shrink, or expand tool to alter any modification in an image. The Reconstruct tool allows users to modify a picture. This tool includes a color picker, text, eraser, shapes, and lines.  The user interface is multi-tabbed for easy workflow. Selected photos are also displayed in a before and after modification window to facilitate comparison in an image.

The software can import photos and images from webcams, screenshots, or screen grabs for fast editing jobs. Users can place watermarks on every photo editing project. The software has also a Smart saving feature that creates a folder for the original photo and a folder for the edited photo. Users can also visit the software’s online community page and upload each edited photo for others to comment and criticize.