Virtual Painter 5

Umemura Taka Software Design, Inc. (Bundled)

With Virtual Painter 5, photographs can be transformed into digital paintings. The software recreates the original image through its filter system to produce a unique result every time it is used. The interaction between the pictures and the filters is what brings about the unique results. Users do not have to acquire special painting skills or artistic know-how to create realistic-looking output.

Virtual Painter 5 comes in three versions: Stand-alone, Plug-In, and Deluxe. The stand-alone version runs independently of other apps. The Plug-in version requires integration with other graphic applications like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photopaint, Microsoft Digital Image Pro, Ulead PhotoImpact, and many others. The Deluxe version has both the Stand-alone and Plug-in versions.

The paintings resemble the works of great artists like Van Gogh. The program features 16 artistic styles, including Watercolor, Oil Painting, Impasto, Pointillism, and Airbrush. The paintings generated using each style can be previewed. Once a style is chosen, the picture's basic character is defined. However, it can be further refined in terms of other image details, such as scale, focus, color, and rendering. The material can be customized according to the desired type of surface; including canvas, stone, wood, cork, or paper (fine or rough). There is even a distortion option that gives the image an abstract look.