Virtual Music Jukebox 9

Mameroom Designs LLC (Shareware)

Virtual Music Jukebox is a utility that lets users listen to music jukebox-style, and to create and modify audio visualizations to accompany the jukebox tunes. This application supports WMV and MP3 format files and is also able to display the tracks’ album covers and lyrics in the interface. The covers and lyrics may come from the user’s media library or downloaded online. The music player can display the Top 5 Songs played or the next five in the playing queue. The song library is sorted according to the user’s preferences, so it can be arranged according to number, album, or artist.

The application features fully customizable skins so users can modify how the jukebox looks. The font style, color, and size may also be changed. There is a library of pre-made skins online that users can download from. A key feature of this application is the Visualization Editor that lets users can create their own visualizations or modify existing ones. Another feature is the Button Layout Editor, which allows users resize and change buttons and graphics. Users can also configure the program functions to assign these to buttons.

The application lets users remap function keys so it can be used with the keyboard, game controllers, mouse, and even joysticks. The optional control panel contains all of the commands users will need, including volume control, track search, repeat, random play, and skip. The program is also compatible with touchscreeen monitors so users can set up the jukebox any way they like.