Virtual Moon Atlas 6.0

Patrick Chevalley, Christian Legrand (Open Source)

Virtual Moon Atlas is an application developed by Christian Legrand and Patrick Chevalley that enables users to observe the moon and its features directly from their computers. It has the ability to display many of the moon’s aspects, such as lunar formation and phases. It has a built-in library and database that users can explore to see photos and study other information about the moon.

The program’s interface is straightforward and lets users perform multiple actions easily. Users can select the formation types they want to see, such as lunar craters. The program will render information about them, such as the formation names, sizes, types, coordinates, and other important facts. Users can flip or rotate the moon image and zoom in or out as they please. There is also a full globe viewing mode available. Users can alter the colors of the projections, select the rotation speed, adjust the level of brightness, change the viewing altitude, and specify the inclination of the orbit.

Rendered projections can be saved as digital image files in either BMP or JPG format, which allows users to share images via e-mail or post these online. Users can also print the rendered projections directly from the program window. Aside from the moon, Virtual Moon Atlas can also provide users with information on the positions of astronomical objects.