Virtual MIDI Keyboard

Granucon (Freeware)

Virtual MIDI Keyboard is an application that enables users to play MIDI notes using their computer keyboard or mouse. The program interface shows a simulation of a real keyboard with four sets of octaves. This application is simple and can easily be utilized by users of all skill levels. At the right part of the virtual keyboard are five knobs that let users adjust the volume, modulation, and panning. The other two knobs are configurable MIDI controllers for two users.

Users can move the interface around on their computer screen by dragging the title bar to the desired location. The keyboard has a channel selection area, where users can select the MIDI channel they want to use for playing MIDI notes. The application also has areas for changing the program, velocity, and transpose value. The transpose value has a range from -3 to 3. The values (channel, program, velocity, transpose) can be changed using the up and down arrow keys beside each value.

Users can turn off or minimize Virtual MIDI Keyboard by clicking the power and the standby button, respectively. Users can also click the Info button to show the info dialog, and the Settings button to show the settings. Below these buttons are the Sustain and Init buttons. The first is used to switch sustain on and off, while the latter is used to initialize the program.