Virtual Magnifying Glass 3.5

Harri Pyy (Open Source)

Virtual Magnifying Glass is a program that is capable of enlarging any area on the computer desktop. The program’s developers had the visually-impaired in mind when this application was designed, but this tool can also be used by anyone who would prefer to see desktop items, websites, graphics, documents, and photographs better.

This program features a magnifying glass lens that moves with the mouse on the screen. Pointing the lens at different parts of the screen would make items within the lens bigger. When it is first installed, the program adds an icon to the taskbar so users can simply left-click on the shortcut to launch the application. The Virtual Magnifying Glass can be closed by left-clicking the mouse again.

When using the application, users can choose from two viewing modes. The classic mode lets users move the magnifying glass around using the mouse; the dynamic mode on the other hand lets users control the movement of the lens using keyboard shortcuts. In this mode, users can also use the mouse’s scroll-wheel to zoom in and out of any magnified area. Hotkeys and other viewing settings can also be configured.
Virtual Magnifying Glass can be configured to run upon booting up Windows so users can start using it right away. Users can also modify the size of the magnifying glass and adjust its magnification level to the size that they are comfortable with.