Virtual Keyboard 3

Andrej Koch (Shareware)

Virtual Keyboard 3 is a multi-lingual system utility program for text input for keyboard and mouse. The software was released in 2009.

Virtual Keyboard 3 is a simple and straightforward tool for text typing on 53 languages. Words and text can be typed by typing directly from the keyboard or selecting characters through mouse clicks. There are two input modes included in the software. Users can either input text and characters in the same working window or in the window of another program. Users can also customize and personalize user-defined keyboard layouts for other languages. In the simple layout of the application, users directly type in the characters and text they want to translate. Changes can be saved or revised for later use. Users can select different languages in the dropdown menu. Emoticons and smileys are also included in the UI dropdown menu. The software also displays correct illustration of letters on the computer for easy guidance. The application is also secure for typing sensitive and private data. Login data, passwords, and bank accounts can be safely typed in using the virtual keyboard tool.

Other features of Virtual Keyboard 3 include the following:

• The software includes correct illustration of arbitrary letters on most computers.
• Users can use the supplementing keyboard function by pressing the right Alt button on the keyboard.
• The software has independence from different hardware and varied operating systems.
• Users can use different keyboard layouts.