Virtual Families 1.00

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Virtual Families is a simulation game that was first released in 2009. Players must control and manage a family by making sure that they have their basic needs. In the game, players adopt a family. Characters in the game have different personalities and likes. Players can manage the character’s career, as well as the type of life that they live. They can choose to marry another character and have kids, too. The game runs in real-time and characters continue to grow even when the computer is not turned on. Because of this, players must launch the game often to make sure that the characters are still healthy. The game can be paused in order for the in-game time to freeze. This can be done by pressing the space bar.

There are also in-game surprises that can be found. Characters can interact with some of the objects found in the game. Also, characters can dig around the yard to find or collect objects. Players can shape the personality of the characters by scolding or praising them whenever a good or bad action is done.

Here are other features of the Virtual Families game:
• Over a hundred trophies to win
• Hidden puzzles
• E-mail events and occurrences in the game
• Illness system allows players to play doctor
• Thousands of character combinations