Virtual Drive Creator 3.0.2

J. A. Associates (Freeware)

Virtual Drive Creator is an application designed to replace long file paths with lettered virtual drives. Developed by the company, TedCo Software, this program enables users to access directory files by creating a map from the local folder to a virtual drive. This simple process involves the following steps:

1. Select a letter from the list of unused virtual drive letters
2. Click on the “Add Virtual Drive” option or double-click on the selected letter to create a new virtual drive
3. To delete a virtual drive, select the letter by double-clicking on it
4. Click on the “Remove Virtual Drive” option

CD-ROM users can also benefit from Virtual Drive creator as it allows them to create a path to their CD-ROM files via a folder on the hard drive. To do this, the user must copy the files of the CD to a local folder and create a virtual drive that points to that folder. The user can then use the letter name of the virtual drive to install the CD, so that all of the CD’s contents can be accessed from the hard drive.

The program also features a simple and straightforward interface with a few options displayed on the top menu bar. The left side of the window contains drive letters that have already been taken, and the right side shows those that are still available.