Virtual CloneDrive

Elaborate Bytes AG (Freeware)

Virtual CloneDrive is a disk image emulating program developed by Elaborate Bytes AG. It creates a virtual drive that works and behaves like a typical physical drive. It can be used for mounting image files. The program supports major image file formats including CCD, BIN, DVD, IMG and ISO. Users have the option to select file formats to be associated with the software. The program provides access to up to 15 virtual drives simultaneously. Virtual drives are fully integrated with Windows Explorer context menus allowing users to mount image files onto the drives with a few clicks.

Upon completing installation, the program offers only three options including “Settings”, “Language” and “Info” tabs. The Language tab allows users to change desired language while the Info tab displays the current version and the developers of the program. Under the Settings tab, 6 different configuration options are available. Here, users can manage how many drives are to be created. A Virtual Sheep option is also available, which displays a “sheep” icon to the virtual drives to help users separate them from the physical drives. Users can also choose to load previously mounted image files by clicking the “Automount Last Image” box. An option to eject mounted image files from the Windows Explorer is also available under the Settings tab. Buffering I/O and Show Tray Icon options are available.