Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort is a time management game that allows users to manage resorts across different locations in the United States. In addition to managing resorts, players are also tasked to build and upgrade structures in the city. The challenge is to build a thriving city and get as much profit as possible. There are also goals in each level that must be reached in order to get to the next level. The city’s population steadily increases as the citizens’ needs are met. Players must also keep track of the town’s happiness by providing structures needed.

The game interface shows the city. The total income is shown on the upper part of the main window together with the environmental score, happiness rating, and population. The bottom part of the screen shows tabs for the items and buildings that can be constructed. There are also tabs for upgrading vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and dump trucks. The Goal tab is where players can find things to accomplish. Some of them include reaching a minimum daily income, achieving a certain rating from visitors, delivering goods to different locations, and many more. Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort offers four different locations and 52 levels of play.