Virtual CD

H+H Software GmbH (Shareware)

Virtual CD is a CD/DVD emulator program developed by H+H Software GmbH. It was initially released in 1998. The program is used for creating copies of a computer’s optical media to different storage devices. It has two copy modes – Easy Copy Mode and Expert Copy Mode. The program creates compressed 1:1 copies to the computer’s hard drive. It also features up to 23 virtual drives that works just like a real physic optical disk. This avoids drive noise from your optical disk and prevents slow CD startup. With virtual CD, using CDs within a network is possible. Users can also burn Virtual CDs to a physical CD. The program also features encryption or password to protect Virtual CDs and CD/DVD drives.

Virtual CD features a Virtual CD editor. This feature is used to make virtual CDs with content. The program also offers automatic recognition of artist, title and album for audio CDs. Support for DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, CD-Text, and Photo-CD formats is also available. Folder management features are provided, which can be used to organize virtual CDs. Importing of ISO-conforming files are also possible using this software. The program features improved data compression and provides support to up to 99 audio tracks. It also offers full support for CD-player functions like playlists and visualization.