Virtual Audio Cable 4.2

Eugene V. Muzychenko (Proprietary)

Virtual Audio Cable is an application that allows users to record audio output in real-time or transfer a number of audio outputs to devices that can do post-processing. If several applications will send audio at the same time, the software will mix the audio files together. If there will be a number of applications that will get output, each will get the exact same copy of audio file. For instance if the user is listening to music and is online on Skype with a friend, he cannot have his friend listen to the same music at the exact same time. With the help of this software, the user can now route the output of the player to Skype so they can listen together.

Virtual Audio Cable has other features including the following:

• Channel scattering/gathering mode
• While it is recording and transferring files in real-time, volume control features can still be managed
• Watermark control - This feature allows the software to improve quality of the stream in case the source applications are unstable
• Control Panel application – This feature on the main interface allows the users to configure and monitor cables
• Audio Repeater- This feature allows the software to transfer from any recording to any device