Virtua Tennis™ 2009

Sumo Digital (Shareware)

Virtua Tennis™ 2009 is a computer game designed for tennis fans the world over. This game can be played on home computers by tennis lovers who want to a chance to play virtual games with their favorite seeded players and favorite real-life male and female tennis professionals. Players can play their way up the ladder and eventually join the tennis World Tour as a ranking player. This game may be played both offline and online.

Virtua Tennis™ 2009 also allows the player to create an all-new tennis superstar who can eventually be brought online to play with others and find his or her way up the online ranking system. This online ranking system is fully integrated with the World Tour mode of the game. Virtua Tennis™ 2009 is all about getting ready for the challenges of one fierce competition after another. The virtual player undergoes intensive training and practice, coached by a tennis legend. The eventual aim is to garner number one ranking amongst top world tennis competitors.

Virtua Tennis™ 2009 is a realistic virtual tennis platform that features real-life arenas and tennis courts such as Shanghai and Dubai. There are a total of 40 tennis courts to play on surfaces such as grass, hardcourt, and clay. This game is has also officially licensed the Davis Cup and includes said tournament.