Virtools VR Pack

Dassault Systemes (Proprietary)

Virtools VR Pack is developed as an add-on library for the application Virtools Dev. As a development platform for 3D visualization, this tool enables developers to make richer user experiences by making use of industry-standard virtual reality (VR) peripherals as well as PC-based distributed computing technology. This application adds to the basic functionality of Virtools Dev. With this tool, program developers will easily be able to create contents for CAVEs, HMDs, and other immersive spaces. It can be used in developing simulation and virtual reality solutions.

This tool is based on the standard VPRN, an open-source network. Users can manage their VR trackers using this tool and the VPRN server installed with the pack. One of the main features of this application is its use of a head-tracking technology, which provides users with correct user-centered perspective. Full immersion into the virtual reality environment is accomplished by making use of stereoscopy. This applies on any equipment used, whether active or passive such as polarizing glasses or filters, shutter screens, and shutter glasses.

Another feature of Virtools VR Pack is its distributed computing on clusters of computers. With this feature, users can expect a lower VR project cost while maintaining quality performance. Cluster-distributed computing allows users to render from different viewpoints, which is needed to ensure quality performance of multi-screen displays.