Virgin Media Security

Virgin Media (Proprietary)

Virgin Media Security is a security program that comes with the Virgin Broadband connection. The security application comes with anti-malware technology, a firewall booster, website checker, and parental controls. It makes sure that the system is free of threats that can harm the system and invade the user’s privacy. The application can protect up to three computers.

One of the main features of the Virgin Media Security program is Parental Control. With this tool, parents will be able to track and limit the Internet activities of children. The tool is easy to set up. Users must set a master password and choose the age range of the children. The program will automatically configure the settings so that children will not have access to illicit and adult websites. Furthermore, parents can set a time limit to the Internet usage by setting the time of day when the Internet is accessible.

Other features of the Virgin Media Security application are the following:
• Real time protection against viruses, spyware, and threats that may be attached in emails
• Weekly scan of the system (alternates between quick scan and full scan)
• Virus database is updates every three hours
• Free application updates
• Checks websites for threats