VIPRE Business Premium

GFI Software (Shareware)

VIPRE Business Premium is an antivirus program that focuses on removing malware from computer systems. VIPRE stands for Virus Intrusion Protection Removal Engine. In addition to its antivirus functions, this application also provides users with mobile device management, integrated patch management, firewall protection, an anti-phishing tool, and email security, all in one compact program. This version of the program is particularly designed for companies and business that make use of a large number of computers in their network.

This premium version provides users (business managers, IT managers) with a central management console that can be used to deliver malware protection to all of the connected computers on the company’s network. The program can support up to 500 connected computers (laptops and desktops). One of the key features of this program is that it is able to extend the firewall protection for corporate laptops outside of the network—especially those used in out-of-town meetings. VIPRE Business Premium extends protection to the laptop when it accesses the Internet.

This antivirus program updates its databases automatically, up to 16 times on a daily basis. This ensures that virus definitions are always up-to-date, so it can block known threats from entering the user’s computer system. Threats that are not yet on the database but exhibit signs of being malicious software are also denied access.